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TOP 5: Cookie Recipes to Share

Jeanne Dumouchel November 26, 2018 ,

Cookies are loved by everyone because they are appealing, delicious and enjoyable to share with others. They are especially popular during the holiday season, but also can be appreciated for any special occasion. Preparing them is a great activity to do with loved ones. Here is our list of the Top 5 Best Cookie Recipes. (more…)


Acidifying Foods: Should You Avoid Them?

Jef L'Ecuyer November 24, 2018 , ,

One theory suggests that modern diets cause excess acidity in the body, which, in turn, causes a variety of health problems and excess weight gain … This theory is based on the following hypothesis: Some “acidifying” foods cause an imbalance in one’s metabolism. The best way to counteract this acidity in the body would be to consume more “alkalizing” foods and less of those that are “acidifying”, in order to restore the body balance.

Is there any truth to all of this? Let’s explore it now…



Vibration Platform Exercise Can Help Prevent Osteoporosis

Kathryn Adel November 20, 2018 , ,

Did you know that at least one in three women and one in five men will suffer a fracture from osteoporosis in their lifetime? A balanced diet and an active lifestyle can help prevent the risk of developing osteoporosis. In addition, exercising with a vibrating platform is a lesser known method that can also help improve bone mass. Here are some more details on the subject!



Flax, Chia or Hemp Seeds: Which Ones Should You Choose?

Kathryn Adel November 19, 2018 ,

Flax, chia and hemp seeds are popular for their beneficial effects on health. However, did you know that they don’t all have the same nutritional properties? Here is a description of the benefits of each to help you determine which one or ones you should choose according to your needs.


Is It Better To Choose Low Glycemic Index Foods?

Kathryn Adel November 12, 2018 , ,

Have you ever heard that it is better for your health to choose foods that have a low glycemic index? Here are some explanations to help shed some light on the matter!